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First Chimpuzzle Pro Level shown and controls explained

David | 2013-07-26

As you might have predicted, the first Chimpuzzle Pro level is identical to the first Chimpuzzle level.
The GUI has not been touched yet, but that will come so no worries. :-)
With the required bullshit out of the way, here is the video of the gameplay.

And a quick note about the controls, we have made the controls as understandable as possible.
The D-Pad controls the blocks in Tetris style (left and right to move, up to rotate and down to drop it faster), A and Y buttons move the camera (A moves to the right, Y to the left), and the touch screen is used to pick a block. The + button is the pause screen, like you were used to.
Simple, isn't it?

As usual, just comment if you still have suggestions.
We are all ear.
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