Correction: we're not back, but will be

David made this Post on 2019年01月09日, 23:34 JST | Category: Default
As you've seen in the last post last year, we've been back.
As you've seen in throughout last year, we actually haven't been back.

What's the hold up!?
First of all, sorry for all of that.
That put aside, as promised multiple times before (and failed at it because reasons), I've finally moved to Japan.
This meant lots of radical changes in literally every single aspect of my life, and couldn't do anything of what I previously promised.
But at least now the entire team lives in the same country.

Only the last point got some progress, and that's the new web apps that I finally picked up after a very long time of those collecting dust.
They are now (partially) in use on 076 Group:

Break free, UltimatePisman!
Maybe some subscribers have noticed how UP no longer feels like an association to CW-Games, those subscribers are right.
UltimatePisman is still maintained by me, but it's now totally been separated from CW-Games, and therefore now acts as a gaming channel of its own.

CW-Games → 076
It has been a huge consideration for 4 years now, but we'll be converting CW-Games into a part of 076 Group to make management of multiple brands less bothersome.
However, since 076 Group itself has almost fully converted into Japanese as its main language, so the future of CW-Games will.
Publishing will also be dropped, the aim is to be as independent as possible.
Doing a publishing service is therefore contradicting this idea.
The reason for that can be read below.

Realising a crucial mistake: too much focus on business
As a human being, I've made quite a lot of mistakes, the inhuman part is that I've been very slow to notice them.
Among a very crucial (perhaps even fatal!) one is that under the CW-Games brand I've focused on business way too much.
Among the consequences are that quality of the games are poor, I gave up on too many projects both announced and unannounced, I thought too big (which resulted in giving up), and was working on multiple projects at the same time.
With this I realised I cared very little about my audience, and even less about myself.

As a result I was working on large scale RPG games and platform games, while at the same time working on smaller 3D puzzle games, and at the same time working on multiple web applications concurrently, and YouTube videos, and desktop apps, and mobile apps...STOP!
The proper way is by scaling my projects to the size small enough I can do as being a single person, and at the same time big enough to come over as good quality.
And of course work on 1 project at a time, schedule the other ones in for later ordered by importance, and drop everything else altogether.

I've put this to the test with 076 Group already, and I can say that it works great, even while doing my full time job next to it here in Japan.
The new website system is already completed, I'm now working on the user system that's almost being completed at this moment, and then I move on to the forum and (maybe) chat systems.
And after that, I can finally start with a new game I have in mind, which is perfectly doable for just me, but will certainly not disappoint you.
The game in question at this point exclusively exists in my mind at this point, and I refuse to even make a plan for it until I've finished all 4 web applications I'm now working on.


We're back!

David made this Post on 2018年01月30日, 22:22 JST | Category: Default
Months after announcing our withdrawal from the game development community, it's time to announce we are back in business!
However, with just a few adjustments.

Rather, this is a bit of a reboot.
The projects we still had in development have been cancelled, and instead we will focus on a different strategy.

Behind the scenes
During our time of temporary non-existence, our second team member helped us get access to Nintendo Switch devkits and everything, entirely on his own behalf!
As a reward, I promoted him to the main developer and business contact!
Now our main development platforms are Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 instead of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U (projects for those plus PS Vita are of course still allowed internally).
iOS and Android, as well as Linux/Windows/macOS and Xbox One, will currently remain our reserved platforms, which means we will not actually make any games for these, but might do if preferred internally.

In the mean time, we have been doing web development stuff under the 076 Community Group brand, which'll be merged with CW-Games.
Web development will be done by 076 Community Group, while game development will be done by CW-Games.
And of course UltimatePisman is our PR brand again.

It might be a better idea to do business in the doujin style, rather than the AAA style we attempted to stick with before.
AAA style is nice, but unrealistic if you're a team of 2 and a half people.

Instead of putting all our future staff on a single project that got predefined by me, we will let staff decide what they want to make, with who (including solo), on which platform(s), etc.
We have a partly public Git server now, which'll make this possible.

Better publishing
At a later time we will allow other developers to publish through us again in both Western and Japanese regions.
Costs for CERO will be dropped altogether, we have learnt this is something a publisher should cover, not a developer.
More on this at a later time.

Support forum will be back, plus better website
Under the 076 Community Group brand, we are developing new web apps, among which a website engine and a forum engine.
Those will be used by this site too of course, so expect that to happen!
(Please don't mind the SSL issues on the 076 Community Group site, we have a bit of an argument with Let's Encrypt.)

I think that's all.

We're sorry

David made this Post on 2017年11月21日, 4:19 JST | Category: Default
After proudly developing games on Nintendo platforms for 4 years, I made the decission to quit.
As direct as we've always been, we have been lying a bit about this.
But it wasn't meant to make sure nobody will figure out, it was because I needed some time to consider before making a definite decission.
I still love the games industry, I still love to make video games, but 2017 doesn't feel like 2013.

Back when we joined Nintendo in 2013, we were very enthusiastic about game development on platforms hardly anyone got access to.
Nintendo was still very friendly and open minded, and they felt much more human than how they feel now.
In October 2015, they've transferred us from and their newsgroups to the Nintendo Developer Portal.
That's nice, finally we got a semi-centralised place for all the information we needed.

However, not even a full year went by after that, and they cracked open their policies from companies-only to every single person, and eventually merged all of the Wii U Developers devs into the NDP.
No offense to them, the real problem became crystal clear when hackers, pirates, and whatnot started to get instant access to something that used to take lots of time, effort, and trust to even try to get in.
And the shift in mentality got even clearer when Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch, which to this day they still apply favourism to select developers (some of which even proved multiple times to be dubious too!).
And all while all the loyal 3rd party developers keep demanding answers from a Nintendo that just won't talk, they at the very least took the time to close a topic about the developers trying to get Nintendo to talk about Switch development, because "enough is enough" and "I keep repeating myself".

Got sick of the way Nintendo threats their own 3rd party developers, but I also got sick of the 3rd party developers themselves that effectively drove away the more professional developers with very derpy questions.

I'm now continuing my life as an independent web application engineer.
Work is way easier, and I don't need to rely on platform holders, and it's the kind of work I can do entirely on my own (of course I'm planning on hiring people in the future, but until the times come, I'll be working alone).

This site will remain open for a while, but expect it to redirect to our new company in establishment: 076 Communities Group K.K.
A company we plan to launch in Japan in a couple months from now.
But until the times come, we'll make sure to have some products ready first, so we can immediately start off correctly.

Nonetheless, my time at CW-Games did teach me some good stuff too.
It mostly taught me how to not make products, and combined with my current full time job, I learnt lots of excellent good practises with programming in general.

If you're into web development, or if you're a potentional future customer, we'll see you back soon!
Sorry, I'm listening to a playlist of multiple remixes based off 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日, and I was writing the last few sentences exactly when a dramatic song came up.
You too should listen to it!

Meet some of Neko-chan's enemies!

David made this Post on 2017年01月12日, 21:19 JST | Category: Default
Hey again!
Just to get to the point: CW-Games announces the official names for the main player of Neko's Action, as well as the official names of 3 of the many enemies.

The main character is called Neko-chan (ネコちゃん in Japanese), the smile enemy is called Facemi (フェース笑/フェースえみ), the fireball is called Balsey (バルシー), and the cat block is called Stompy (岩踏み/いわぶみ).
Hope you like them!

CW-Update Q4 2016

David made this Post on 2017年01月02日, 0:49 JST | Category: Default
Hello internet.
David here, I'm here to present the new CW-Update.

The end of UltimatePisman
As reported earlier, UltimatePisman is no more.
At least, not in its current form.
The rise of growing copyright policy concerns made us decide that UltimatePisman will no longer show any new gameplay from companies other than ours.
Thanks to the never-stopping copyright troubles, 2016 had the least viewers since 2009, and that is painful.

UltimatePisman will now only function as our PR channel.

CW-Games goes Japanese (more certain than last time)
It's becoming more likely than ever that CW-Games will move its office to Japan somewhere in 2017.
This would make the publishing side of things much easier and remove some hurdles.

We are currently looking for a bank to fund this, but it already looks more likely the move will be made than what we said in Q3.
No worries, everything else will remain the same, as if it were still based in the Netherlands.

CW-Games sales
Let's start off with our Q4 2016 sales.
Chimpuzzle Pro sold 8 times across Europe.
BlockForm sold 15 times in Europe, 160 times in the Americas, and 3 times in Australia.
Total: 186, which is our record for a single quarter.

Since the American region counts in months instead of quarters, here's a little breakdown of the months for that region:
October: 60
November: 44
December: 56

Including all of 2016:
Chimpuzzle Pro sold 32 times in Europe.
BlockForm sold 42 times in Europe, 160 times in the Americas, and 5 times in Australia.
This gives us the grand total of 239 total sales, which means we sold more copies in a single year than ever!

BlockForm possibly delayed for Japan
Because it's more likely than ever we will move to Japan, we thought it would be a good idea to delay the Japanese release of BlockForm to Q2 2017.
That way we can arrange everything with fewer worries.

Neko's Action is heading in the right direction; might come to Switch instead
We have previously withheld from releasing Neko's Action to the Nintendo Switch (back then known as "Nintendo NX").
Even though we still don't have access to anything regarding Nintendo Switch, we now at least know some fundamental details about that.
This makes it possible for us to determine whether Neko's Action will stay on the New 3DS, or move to Nintendo Switch, and the answer is yes.

Maybe we will release both games on both systems, but let's see how things will go first.
The PS Vita version is also still coming, as long as Sony won't drop their support for it that is.


CW-Update Q3 2016

David made this Post on 2016年10月01日, 20:53 JST | Category: Default
Hello internet.
David here, I'm here to present the new CW-Update.

UltimatePisman's Anniversary
The 4th of October is the 10th anniversary of our YouTube channel: UltimatePisman.
This makes it the oldest on-going gameplay channel on YouTube, hurrah!
We will continue to make videos on this platform, even though it has been a bit quiet lately.

CW-Games goes Japanese (maybe)
It's becoming more likely than ever that CW-Games (and so UltimatePisman too) will move its office to Japan somewhere in 2017.
No worries, everything else will remain the same, as if it were still based in the Netherlands.

CW-Games sales
In Q3 2016, CW-Games has sold 27 copies of BlockForm for New 3DS, and 1 copy of Chimpuzzle Pro for Wii U.
Chimpuzzle Pro stats apply to Europe only, BlockForm stats apply to Europe and Australia.
For a full annual report, please check back on the 1st of January 2017.

UltimatePisman statistics
In Q3 2016, UltimatePisman got about 1,519,443 views, and 5,229,911 watch minutes.
At the moment of writing, we lack data for the final 2 days, so we have added 100,000 to both numbers so it would be at least a bit correct.
For a full annual report, please check back on the 1st of January 2017.

BlockForm goes America
After some miscommunications with Nintendo of America (which led to a big delay in America), our American fans can enjoy hours of fun in BlockForm, starting the 13th of October 2016!

BlockForm goes Japan too
Now that we're the first western company allowed to self-publish games in Japan, we can finally release BlockForm in Japan in Q1 2017.
The long wait is related to the high price CERO (Japanese age rating) is asking us.

Neko's Action
And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for so long: our brand new game we promised that will replace Flavoured Cats!
The game is: Neko's Action!
The game will come out for New 3DS and maybe PS Vita near the end of 2017, or at the beginning of 2018, which may mean we could eventually release it to the NX instead, but we will have to wait and see what the NX actually is before we make this decission.

That's all.

BlockForm's American release date and price announced!

David made this Post on 2016年09月23日, 14:26 JST | Category: Default
Now we finally got on one line with Nintendo of America, and BlockForm will release on 13 October 2016 in the Americas!
The price? 4.99 in the USA, 6.50 in Canada, 91.50 in Mexico, and 16.00 in Brazil.

That's all what had to be said.

The next game will have a retro look-and-feel and some possible engine change?

David made this Post on 2016年09月11日, 4:09 JST | Category: Default
Forget 3D, forget material design, forget flat design, forget aero glass, our next game will go back to the early 90's!
More precisely, to the time before even the Super FX chip was used in the SNES!

We already made a promise put more attention to the graphics in our next game.
Our next promise is: the game will now take longer than an hour to complete!
Because the whole game will look, feel AND play like one of the early SNES games, except that it's running on modern platforms (3DS and PS Vita).

We started developing this game since about April 2016 and it was meant to be shown off on the 4th of October.
Heh, already broke one promise, because the game is still not good enough to be announced yet.
Actually, I guess the announcement will take even more months because we want TO MAKE CW-GAMES GREAT AGAIN, so both gameplay, art, audio and design is of huge importance this time, not just gameplay.

In another news, we're currently using Unity3D for this game.
However, we're currently looking to change that and go hardcore by developing using the 3DS and PS Vita SDKs directly.
This is NOT a promise, this is a wish of ours, so I hope it'll come true and also MAKE THIS GAME GREAT AGAIN.
Or we should make it 3DS-only, because we have no budget for PS Vita dev kits ATM.
But that's something I don't hope to happen.

Anyway, this unannounced game will probably come out somewhere in 2018 if we do it according to the schedule.

Your European QR code for BlockForm is here!

David made this Post on 2016年08月19日, 1:43 JST | Category: Default
If you're from Europe or Australia, you can now access the BlockForm eShop page by scanning this QR code:

The press will get review codes around Monday.
For everyone else, just one more week to go.

BlockForm's European release date and price announced!

David made this Post on 2016年07月29日, 2:08 JST | Category: Default
Hey guys!
BlockForm just got approved by Nintendo of Europe.
Now we can safely announce the definite European release date and price!

BlockForm will come out in Europe, Australia, Russia, New Zealand and South Africa on the 25th of August 2016, and will cost € 4.99 EUR (non Euro countries should calculate it to their own currencies).

That's all.
What? Expected more out of an announcement regarding a release date and price?
OK then, here is the historic sales chart for Chimpuzzle Pro so far:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7