Let us publish your craftsmanship worldwide!

Having 2 of our own games already shipped, you can say we have experience with game publishing too.
If you are a developer, we are willing to publish your game for Nintendo and/or PlayStation platforms, even if you do not have access to these platforms yourself!

Why CW-Games?
We know exactly how difficult it is to be a game developer who self-publishes their own games.
Because not only you have to develop the whole game yourself, you must also do your final testing, localisation, PR, manuals, age ratings, game submissions, and so on.
We at CW-Games can take all of this out of your hands.

As a bonus: if you are not an authorised developer for Nintendo or PlayStation platforms, and your game was made in Unity, we are able to modify your game so it would work on these platforms too!

All of this is just the beginning, because we are also able to release your game in all Western markets, and also in Japan and South Korea.
And unlike many publishers in Japan, we can provide support in (semi-)perfect English too.

To know more, don't hessitate to contact us:
info AT