About us

CW-Games is a small, yet powerful indie game development studio, which doubles as a publishing firm.
Our goal is to provide good games all across the globe, while providing our developers lots of freedom, and developers from other studios a publishing deal with as few obstacles as possible.

Where other companies see risks, we see opportunities.
Where other companies see hurdles, we see challenges.

We might be a small company, we tend to think big.
As a result, we've got the ability to self-publish games in both the West and Japan, on platforms from Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Android, Steam, just to name a few.


After David quit studying at NHTV in Breda (the Netherlands) in 2013, he picked up his phone and called Nintendo to discuss the opportunities to start making games for Nintendo platforms.
2 weeks later, CW-Games was founded, and on the same day, CW-Games became a licensed game developer for Nintendo DS/DSi, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U platforms.
After the release of Chimpuzzle Pro in Europe in 2014, David has been looking for possibilities to grow.

This became reality months before CW-Games shipped the second game, which was BlockForm.
In the meanwhile, CW-Games became a licensed PlayStation developer, and Xbox reached out to CW-Games soon after.
With this, CW-Games changed from being a Nintendo developer to a game console developer.

Later the same year, Nintendo made CW-Games the first game development studio in all of the West, who was allowed to self-publish Nintendo games in Japan.
By this, CW-Games became a game console developer and publisher, welcoming developers from other companies to publish their work through CW-Games.

The future

Throughout 2017, CW-Games will move its office to Japan, where it will become a registered company.
This will allow us to remove the last big hurdles for developers to publish through us.
Up till now, CW-Games has been a sole proprietary brand.

Also, 2017 will be the year where CW-Games will expand itself even further to mobile and desktop games, and eventually to VR too.
We are ready for it!